Ancient Realms - Dahshur (April 2018) video

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Empire Capital by Jaime Jasso #ancientrealms
Australian Eucalyptus Leaf Choker. Eucalyptus trees are part of the rugged Australian landscape. The many varieties are tall, twisted, uneven and many birds and animals make their homes in the branches. Handcrafted porcelain, made in Australia, $29.00au. More colours at www.sacredliving.com.au
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June episode now live. #psychill #psybient #chillout #ancientrealms #djlorn
Celtic love knot. This is love entwined, souls that have found each other. Knots and plaits are a stunning feature of Celtic artwork. Handcrafted porcelain made in Australia - Ancient Realms. Also in green. $36.00au
Newgrange Necklace, Ancient Sites - beige/ochre. Newgrange is a site in the Boyne valley, Southern Ireland, thought to be 5000 years old. Newgrange has beautifully carved stones and an inner chamber that filks with light on the winter solstice. Ancient Realms is handcrafted porcelain -made in Australia. $28.00au. www.sacredliving.com au